NAPS COVID-19 Dashboard

Confirmed positive cases of Students and School Personnel

We have created a COVID-19 Dashboard that will be updated twice weekly below for everyone to access. This data will not align with the town and state data for North Andover, as not all staff are North Andover residents. The town and state data are also collected over different time intervals. This dashboard will replace the district-wide letters we have been sending out after confirming each case. However, the principal at a school with a confirmed case will continue the practice of sending a letter to their school community informing them of the confirmed case. Remember, all close contacts will be notified directly by the North Andover Public Health Department.
  • This dashboard will be updated weekly on Mondays and Thursdays with active cases only

  • This information may not align with the town of NA reporting as some NAPS staff may reside outside of NA

  • This information may not align with DESE's spreadsheet of positive COVID-19 cases, DESE uses different metrics to measure cases across all districts

  • Notification will be sent to families when any positive case was in school during their infectious period