Immunization / Lab Test Requirements
School Immunization Law, Chapter 76, Section 15 of the General Laws of the State of Massachusetts requires that all immunizations must be up to date for children to attend school according to the Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulations. Massachusetts General Law allows for the school district to exclude children from school whose immunizations are not up to date. 
  • A certified record of immunizations from your child’s physician(s) is required for entry into school.
  • All immunization records must be provided in English and include full dates. 
Immunizations are audited by the school nurses. In the event of missing or incorrect information, your prompt attention in addressing the error/omission is imperative to assure compliance with state law.

The current requirements can be found here: Massachusetts School Immunization Requirements 2019-2020 

There are two situations in which children who are not appropriately immunized may be admitted to school: 
  1. A medical exemption is allowed if a physician submits documentation attesting that an immunization is medically contraindicated 
  2. A religious exemption is allowed if a parent or guardian submits a written statement that immunizations conflict with their sincere religious beliefs. 
The law states that medical exemptions must be presented at the beginning of each school year. Massachusetts Department of Public Health recommends also requesting religious exemptions on an annual basis, in writing, at the beginning of each school year. For more information, see this document: Vaccine Preventable Disease Exclusion Guidelines in School Settings