Technology Department
Supporting a Rigorous Curriculum

One of the North Andover Public School District's objectives is to provide a consistent and rigorous curriculum that encourages all students to learn to the depth and distance of their abilities and leave our schools with the skills and knowledge necessary to succeed in college, career and life. As part of this objective, one initiative is ensuring that our schools have sufficient access to technology and provide our faculty with up-to-date instructional materials. 

Model Classroom
  1. Computer (which all classroom teachers already have) 
  2. Mounted Projector (not interactive) 
  3. Document Camera 
  4. Wireless Connectivity to the Projector from computer 
  1. Go to
  2. Enter your Parent Username
  3. Enter your Parent Email Address
  4. Submit the form and then check your email for a link to reset your password
  5. Enter your Parent Username and the new password (twice) and Submit

Cyber Security & Ransomware

PowerSchool (Student Information) - North Andover Public Schools hosts all of our data offsite with PowerSchool. PowerSchool is dedicated to keeping customers’ student, staff, and student data safe, demonstrated through the following procedures and best practices:

  • SOC 2 Compliance

  • Security Operations Center (SOC)

  • ISO 27001:2013 certification

  • Penetration Testing

  • Vulnerability Scans

  • Next-generation endpoint protection

  • WAF and IDS/IPS

  • Secure software development/OWASP

  • Dedicated Security Team

  • Robust Customer Data Handling Policies and Processes

Google Workspace - Google is a leader in the protection and security of data. The vast majority of all of our documents live in the cloud on Google’s platform. Their data centers are some of the most secure in the world and much more secure than any on-prem system we might utilize.

Ransomware - Documents and data located in PowerSchool or in Google Workspace are protected from ransomware due to the systems and procedures they have in place. The vulnerabilities reside on individual computers within our network. A ransomware attack usually strikes one or more computers on the network and attempts to encrypt files as quickly as possible. The real issue is if those files are copied back to shared drives either in the cloud or on-prem. The town and the schools are investigating a solution that would quickly identify the attack and shut down the individual computers and users before the attack could continue. This would work for all of our users including the students and their Chromebooks.

Privacy & Security
North Andover's town-wide network uses a Firewall with a built-in content filter to maintain the safety and security of its users. The student Chromebooks also use an additional block list of sites that are not allowed. These sites are blocked on the student Chromebook regardless of where they are. If they are at home they will not be able to access some sites due to this policy.

Please see the School Committee Policy IJNDB: Acceptable Use Policy - Technology

Additionally, the privacy policies for third-party software utilized by the North Andover Public Schools are below:
The new SchoolMessenger App is an easy way to manage all of the school messages sent home whether it is by voice or email. You also have the ability to control which devices you receive messages on. Watch the short video below and then go to and create your account. When creating a new account you need to use one of the emails that we currently have on file for you.


Comcast low-cost internet program - link
Verizon low-cost internet program - link

G Suite Learning Center site

Chrome browser - ideal for working with G Suite products
Google Docs - Word processor
Google Drive - Document storage and management
Gmail - Email communication
Google Chat - Chat room small group collaboration
Google Meet - video conferencing application
Google Sheets - Spreadsheet application


Username: G Suite Gmail
Password: G Suite Password
Clever Login Page -

Technology Staff

Mike Grant - Director
Kathy DiTroia - IT Analyst
KC McCormack - IT Analyst
Martha LeGrow - IT Analyst
Francene Mailloux -  IT Analyst
Patty Shaffer - Data Specialist
Alicia Murray - Data Specialist
Hillary Stasonis - Web Master
David Brodeur - Network Manager

Library Media Staff

Courtney Ahearn (Sargent, Thomson)
Liz Sinclair Fisher (ABECC, Atkinson)
Laura Harrington (High School)

Primary Online Resouces

G Suite (Classroom, Docs, Drive)
Frontline (MyLearning Plan)

Student Computers

Chromebooks - 5000+
iMac - 100+
iPad - 100+
Android - 50+