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Google Meet Tips

Tips and Best Practices to optimize the Google Meet experience

Teachers & Students (On any device)

  • Update the Operating System (OS) to the latest possible version

    YouTube Video

  • Update the Chrome Browser to the latest version
  • Restart your computer each morning
  • Do not have overlapping or stacked windows
  • Limit the number of open tabs
  • Do not use any 3rd party extensions for Google Meet (ex: Attendance, Grid View)
  • Use the Spotlight layout to view the speaker in the Meet
  • When presenting a page with video and/or audio, use Present > A Chrome Tab
  • Participants should mute audio immediately prior to joining the Google Meet
  • Place Chromebook on a hard surface like a counter or table. If you place it on a soft surface like a bed or blanket it can get very hot.


After following the above tips and best practices if you are still having issues with Google Meet you can try the following additional troubleshooting options.
  • If students indicate they are having trouble with audio and video cutting out, have them Change Layout to Spotlight. This will limit the video to the person talking rather than viewing 15-30 other videos. This could also limit distractions and would better focus the student on the person speaking at that time. Watching what is happening in the background of every student's home could be very distracting for some curious students.
  • Check to make sure students are near their WiFi access point
  • You can have students do a speed test and see if their network is okay. Just Google "speed test" and click the blue button Run Speed Test.

New Google Meet Features (coming soon) [Google Site]

Launching in September
  • Tile View up to 49 Students - Now Available
  • Collaborative Whiteboard - Jamboard - Now Available
  • Control for Moderators
    • Prohibit participants from joining meetings after they’ve been ejected or after they’ve been denied entry twice
    • End meetings for all participants when class is finished - Now Available
    • Manage join requests with ease by accepting or rejecting them in bulk - Now Available
    • Disable in-meeting chat and set restrictions on who can present during a meeting - Now Available
    • A setting that requires the teacher to join first - Now Available
Launching in October
  • Blurred Backgrounds - Now Available
  • Attendance Tracking - Now Available
  • Breakout Rooms - Now Available
Launching this year
  • Hand Raising - Now Available
  • Q & A feature - Now Available

Google Meet Code Expire Chart