June 19 - Staff Attending Summer Institute at NAHS

posted Jun 22, 2020, 7:11 AM by stasonish@northandoverpublicschools.com
We will begin our work on school reopening next week as NAPS administrators and a wide range of staff will be attending a 4-day Summer Institute at NAHS facilitated by Dr. John D’Auria. In addition to serving as a faculty member of William James College, Dr. D’Auria is a consultant with Teachers21 and is well known for his work on problem solving, school planning and leadership. As a group, we will be working together to look at hurdles, options, and proposed solutions for various issues we will face as schools open under the new DESE guidance (expected by late June). We will be looking at areas such as Health and Safety, SEL, Mental Health, Teaching & Learning, Transition, Operations, Technology, Transportation, Sports and Activities and Communication.

Please continue to check your email over the summer months as we will be sharing any Department of Elementary and Secondary Education updates and guidance regarding school opening procedures as soon as they become available.