NAPS Calendars - Tech Tip

North Andover Public Schools has nine Google calendars: one for each school and a district calendar. In this Tech Tip we’ll go over where you can view each calendar, and how to subscribe to the calendars that interest you. The district calendar is where holidays, vacations, early release-days, and school cancellations (snow days) are listed. Each individual school calendar is maintained by the school administration and shows events specific to that school, such as PTO meetings, concerts, and open houses. Additionally, some events from each calendar are featured on the homepage of the NAPS website, along with events from the Town of North Andover's calendar, if they are open to the public or of interest to the school community at-large.
View on the Website
All of the calendars can be viewed on the NAPS website. If you go to and select a school from the “Schools” dropdown, and then click the calendar icon, you will see the individual school’s calendar overlaid with the district calendar. This is a great way to see what’s happening at your child’s school in addition to any days off or early-release days. You can also see all eight schools’ calendars overlaid with the district calendar by going to “All Calendars” under the “Quick Links” dropdown on the website. The default appearance is monthly view, but you also toggle between weekly and agenda views. You can further hide/show each calendar on that page by clicking the filter arrow at the top of the calendar. If you have children in more than one school, this is a great way to see every pertinent event at a glance.
Subscribe to a Calendar
If you prefer to view upcoming events in your own personal Google calendar or in an app such as iCal, Outlook, or a calendar app on your phone, you can also subscribe to the NAPS calendars. Events will automatically appear in your calendar as they are added, and they will automatically change when/if they are modified.
For Google users:
  • Simply go to the “All Calendars” page under “Quick Links” on the NAPS website. 
  • At the bottom of the page, beneath the calendar, there is a button that says “+Google Calendar”. 
  • Clicking on this button will open up Google Calendar in a new window. (You might be prompted to sign in.) 
  • From here you can select which calendars you want to subscribe to.
For other apps:
  • Most calendar applications support an ICS file supplied by a URL.
  • Look for the place to "add", "subscribe" or "follow" a calendar in your application.
  • When prompted to supply a URL or web address for the ICS file, consult the table below. Copy and paste the appropriate URL for the calendar you want to subscribe to.
NAPS Calendar ICS file URLs
 Link     Text URL
 District Calendar