Media Release

There are many activities and accomplishments that take place in our schools which the North Andover Public Schools feels are positive, newsworthy and of interest to the community. District representatives and program partners will, from time to time, use still photography or videography for the purpose of highlighting student achievements or chronicling classroom/school activities. Those images may be used in informational newsletters, school brochures, class pictures, yearbooks and other printed material published by the North Andover Public Schools and those acting under its permission. It is possible that those images might be used on school and/or district web sites and may also be submitted to the news media for possible publication.

If, for any reason, you do not want your child’s likeness to be used by the North Andover Public Schools or by the news media for the purpose of positive publicity about school activities or student achievement, please select No (Do not agree) on the New Student Enrollment form.

This only applies to the current school year and to classroom activities or school events that are not already open to the public.

For parents of existing students in North Andover Public Schools if you wish to modify your decision please contact the Principal's office. You can see what your choice is in the PowerSchool Parent Portal in the Student Information Tab.