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Helpful Atkinson Forms & Information

  • Dismissal Form Please complete this form and send it in to the school for the first day. If dismissal plans change during the year, please get an updated copy to the front office. 
  • Car Drop-off and Pick-up Please re-view the document linked on this page for clarification. It highlights our general procedures in the morning and afternoon around cars and children. It is very important that you read and follow the guidelines listed on the linked pages so that we can get students to school on time and safe while avoiding traffic jams on the main roadways. In the afternoon, it is also important to follow the dismissal routes so that students are dismissed in an orderly and safe manner. The system breaks down when we have people take short cuts around the procedures. Thank you very much for your cooperation!
  • Atkinson Specialist Schedule Check out when your child has Art, Music and PE each week. Feel free to print a copy for the refrigerator. :)
  • Atkinson Lunch Times We've adjusted the lunch times for students this year. Within a 45-minute timeframe, students will have a lunch and recess block. Please send in a healthy snack each day even if your child buys a lunch at school. Thank you!
  • New Family Orientation Slides Please review these slides if you are a new family and may have logistical questions about Atkinson Elementary. Feel free to email questions to Mr. Landry, Principal, at Thank you!
  • Atkinson School Rules Broad rules that capture the our RAISE values.
  • Responsive Classroom Overview Responsive Classroom is an approach we adopted several years ago to support our young learners as they develop relationships and strengthen their readiness to learn. 
  • Responsive Classroom Brochure
  • Medical Records Please make sure your child?s health records are up to date. The State mandates that health forms for any new student be completed prior to entry into the school. Please present your child?s health records to the secretary and nurse as soon as possible. Thank you!
  • Fundraisers Thank you so much for your help with our school causes! Because of your purchases, the Atkinson PTO is able to support Enrichment Programs at our school, as well as, provide teachers and staff with supplemental funding to support classroom needs beyond what is covered by the school district. Muchas gracias!
  • Lunch Program Info Elementary school lunches cost $2.50 this school year. Milk only is $.75. Lunch snacks are offered to kids in grades 3-5 for $.75 each. Students are also eligible for free/reduced lunches based on family income. Please send in those forms ASAP. The School Lunch Program will again offer a point of sale (POS) debit system at the Atkinson School this year.  This system eliminates the need to give your child school lunch money on a daily basis, although we try to collect money from home on Mondays.
  • RAISE Magnets for Sale If you'd like to own one of those snazzy RAISE magnets that you see on cars across town, see Mr. Landry. Each magnet is $5 and proceeds go directly to the Building Respectful Community/RAISE committee for use on activities and programs that impact social-emotional learning in North Andover.