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School Council

Atkinson School Council
Atkinson has a new school council. It is comprised of three staff and three parents from the school community. All are incredibly invested in Atkinson School Improvement. Please see the descriptions below. More information about meeting discussions and decisions will be posted on this link. Thanks for all you do to support our school!

Susan Baylies
Sue has been a teacher at the Atkinson School since 1989, Head Teacher since 1999. Prior to Atkinson School she taught in Marlboro, MA, for three years. You do the math! Over the years, she has taught grades 3 through 8. Sue earned her undergraduate degree from Kent State University in Ohio, her Masters degree from Fitchburg State and has postgraduate credits from Lesley University. Sue has served on numerous committees while in North Andover - Curriculum Steering, Curriculum Design, Principal Search, School Council, etc. Sue is especially proud of having touched the lives and education of so many families in North Andover and delights in teaching the children of children she taught 20 or 30 years ago. She also finds great pleasure in seeing the career and life successes of former students. Sue is married to Peter and they have two sons, John and David, who both currently live in NYC, attending grad schools there.

Diana Beckley
Diana has been a teacher at the Atkinson since 2008. Prior to teaching in North Andover she taught in Framingham for 5 years. For fourteen years Diana taught Kindergarten and is now teaching first grade. She earned her undergraduate degree from Westfield State College in Early Childhood and her masters in Special education from Framingham State College. Diana has been on several committees including: Beyond the Classroom, School Council, and Building Facilitator. She moved to North Andover after falling in love with the system so her children could go to school here. She loves seeing her former students in the hallways and in the community. It brings her great pride to see them happy and doing well. Diana is married and has two daughters Samantha age 8 and Lilly age 6 who attend the Kittredge school.

Greg Landry, Co-Chair
Greg has been Principal of Atkinson Elementary for 12 years. He is a graduate of Boston University, UMass Lowell and the Mass Elementary School Principals Association. Greg was a teacher in Braintree and Lowell for 8 years before moving into administrative roles. He ran all extended day activities for Lowell Public School, was an Assistant Principal in Groton and Principal in Melrose before coming to work in North Andover. He takes great pride in his effort to communicate with students, staff and families and is so proud to work with a community as supportive as Atkinson. Greg has a wife of 25 years, Sara, and two teenaged children, Zara and Zoah and a new Havapoo named Zia.

Colleen Legros
Hi my name is Colleen LeGros. Most of you know me as your PTO President for the last year and half here at Atkinson. I'm a proud parent of three Atkinson All Stars, Michael and Kennedy in 2nd grade and Meegan in 1st grade. Also some of your children may know me as "Miss Colleen" because I also work as a noon attendant each week. We have lived here in North Andover for the last 7 years and have been lucky to be apart of the Atkinson community for the last 3 years. Working at Atkinson has given me a great opportunity to observe first hand how truly exceptional the staff and students are. I look forward to being a member of the School Council and helping Atkinson grow to new levels.

Ami O’Connell, Co-Chair
Ami has been a part of the Atkinson community since 2011. She is a graduate of Providence College and worked in the marketing and communications fields prior to starting a family. The strong public school system was one of the main reasons why Ami and her husband, Denevan, moved to North Andover, and Atkinson has exceeded all of their expectations. Their children, Liam (third grade), Mallory (fifth grade), and Abby (seventh grade) have received the foundation of their education from Atkinson’s amazing teachers, and Ami has enjoyed watching the students and faculty in action during her time in the school. She has had the opportunity to volunteer within Atkinson in many different capacities over the years, participating in library, Understanding Our Differences programs, book fairs, field trips, class parties, and various fifth grade activities. Ami is excited to take part in the School Council and focus on making an already great school even better!

Melanie Seibert
Melanie and her husband have lived in North Andover for the last 12 years. They have two children, Nate, 3rd grade at Atkinson and Matthew, 6th grade at NAMS. She has been volunteering at Atkinson for the last 7 years. She started as a classroom volunteer as a mystery reader, room helper and as chaperone for field trips. For the last three years, Melanie has served as the school’s Library Volunteer Coordinator. She enjoys being a part of the Atkinson community. Melanie also works as at Stevens Memorial Library as an Assistant. She is also known as “That Library Lady” and Mrs. Nate’s Mom.