Preschool Information

ABECC Preschool Program Overview

Our unique program offers an appropriately structured and supportive learning environment for children of all abilities. Our dedicated and caring support staff work as a team to provide a safe environment and a rich curriculum whereby all children are encouraged to grow socially, emotionally, cognitively, creatively, and physically. Adult/child interaction is one of mutual respect with a common goal of promoting each child's sense of confidence and feeling of self-worth. 

Our preschool program curriculum correlates with the goals and curriculum of the North Andover Public Schools as well as the Massachusetts Early Childhood Program standards to provide consistency and easy transition for all children beginning their education here in the North Andover School system. The Preschool CUBS program provides a strong beginning step in the exciting years ahead in the North Andover School System.

How to Apply
There is an application online.  You can either e-mail it back to the Early Childhood Center Director or mail it to the address specified.  You will then be placed on the waiting list and notified as soon as there is an opening.  Please do not use the online registration portal for applying to be on our wait list. That portal is only used once a child has been officially accepted. You are only placed on our waiting list once you have completed the application and submitted it to the ECC office.