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Franklin FAQ's

Franklin Elementary Frequently Asked Questions

What is the arrival procedure for the school day?

The school day begins at 8:35 a.m. with dismissal at 3:00 p.m. Children should arrive at school between 8:10-8:25. On arrival, they go to the rear playground until the 8:25 a.m. bell at which time they are sent to their classrooms. In inclement weather, students go to the cafeteria instead of the playground. Unless children are enrolled in Breakfast Club they should not arrive at school before 8:10 a.m., as supervision is not available until that time. We use a flag system to indicate that teachers are on duty at 8:10. A green flag indicates that students should proceed to the playground. A red flag indicates that they should enter the cafeteria.

What is the procedure for morning drop off?

Morning drop off for Franklin School students begins at 8:10 when the red or green flags go up. Cars line up along the right side of the driveway in a single line. From 8:10-8:25 drivers may enter the circle to drop students off. When dropping off children in the morning, please stay in line. Do not pass another car or bus. Teachers on duty will signal when it is time for cars to move forward. Children should exit the car on the passenger side at the sidewalk. It would be most helpful if students had backpacks, lunches, etc. ready to take when it is their turn to exit the vehicle to avoid delaying other vehicles. Children proceed along the right side of the school on the sidewalk to the rear playground.  All vehicles exit via the gate at Hewitt Ave.

Students arriving after 8:25 should enter the school.  At no time are children allowed to cross the parking lot or driveway unattended. Cars are not permitted in the rear of the school at any time during the school day.

What is the policy for absences and tardiness?

The school day officially begins at 8:35 a.m. Any child who arrives after 8:35 a.m. is recorded as tardy. When a child is absent, parents should notify the school of the absence between 8:10 a.m. and 8:40 a.m. The school will usually call the parent if a child is absent and no notification is given. Children must bring a written note explaining the reason for the absence when they return to school.

If I take my child out of school during the day, what procedures must I follow?

In the event that early dismissal is necessary, a note should be sent to school with the student in the morning. Please refrain from calling the office about dismissal arrangements except in the case of an emergency.  Parents or guardians must come to the front office to meet their child and sign her/him out.  Parents are not allowed to go to the child's classroom.

Is there a snack?

The children may have a working snack in either the morning or afternoon depending on teacher preference and what time their lunch is.  We encourage parents to send a nutritious snack that can be eaten easily in the classroom.

What is the schedule for lunch and recess?

Franklin School has three lunch blocks during which two grade levels alternate lunch and recess.  First and second grade students have lunch/recess between 11:01 a.m. and 11:48 a.m. Kindergarten and third grade students have lunch/recess between 11:48 a.m. and 12:35 p.m. Fourth and fifth grade students have lunch/recess between 12:35 p.m. and 1:22. 

Recess is held outdoors whenever possible. Franklin School strongly embraces the philosophy that academic performance is enhanced by providing children with opportunities for movement, fresh air and exercise. It is important that children are dressed appropriately for the weather every day. Hats, gloves and boots are necessary in winter.

Can lunch be purchased through the school?

Students have the option of buying a hot lunch or bag lunch for $2.25 or bringing a lunch from home. Children may also buy milk only for $.60. Menus are published in the North Andover Citizen, and online at North Andover Public Schools Lunch Program web site.

What are the procedures for school dismissal?

Students are dismissed at 3:00p.m.  Children who take buses are organized by bus line in the cafeteria and escorted while boarding buses in the traffic circle . Walkers are escorted to the perimeter of the school property by teachers where they can be met by parents. Children being picked up in cars are dismissed from the rear of the school out of the gym doors.

Walkers: Students who walk home assemble at specific spots in the school and leave the school in patrols. There are three patrols, one that crosses the playground for Berkeley Street, one at the Hewitt Avenue gate, and one that crosses the driveway for Andrews Circle. Teachers supervise the students crossing the school driveways to the edge of school property. Please note: No Parking signs have recently been erected in the Hewitt Ave / Rosedale neighborhood. Parents parking in those neighborhoods to meet students in cars may be ticketed.All car pick-ups should join the car pick-up line at the side and rear of the building.

Car Pick-up: Students being dismissed to car pick-up wait in the gym and are released from the rear porch. Vehicles line up in a double line along the right hand side of the driveway from Andover St. At 2:50 parents may drive slowly to the rear of the building where the children board, six or seven cars at a time. Children must be dismissed by the teacher on duty and should WALK to waiting vehicles. A sign indicating your child’s last name should be placed by your windshield so that it is visible to the teachers on duty. Once loaded, cars continue around the school and exit via the Hewitt Avenue gate.

Please refrain for talking on your cell phone when dropping off or picking up your child/children. We have been asked by the Superintendent's office to remind parents that in accordance with the Mass Idling Law, car engines should be turned off when not moving. 

Younger siblings must remain in the vehicle during pick-up. It is not permissible to allow them to exit the vehicle to use the playground equipment. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping all of our children safe!

What should I do if I need to change my child's normal school dismissal plans?

Send in a note to your child's teacher if you need to make alternate pick up plans. If plans change during the course of the school day, please call the office as soon as possible.

What time is dismissal on early release days?

Dismissal on half-days is at 11:50 a.m. This includes AM kindergarten. No lunches are served.

Is there a dress code at Franklin School?

Students should be dressed in a suitable fashion for school and for the weather conditions of the day. Clothing should also be tasteful and should not detract from learning in the classroom, nor cause disruption among other students.

Are bicycles allowed at Franklin school?

Students are allowed to ride bicycles to school with written parental permission. Permission forms are available in the school office. Parents assume responsibility for safety to and from school. When traveling to and from school, students must obey all traffic regulations and the Massachusetts Bicycle Helmet Law. The school assumes no responsibility for bicycles. However, provisions have been made to safeguard bikes by requiring them to be properly parked and locked in the school bicycle racks. Bicycles are never to be ridden on school grounds.

How will students be informed of school closings due to inclement weather?

When school is canceled due to inclement weather, announcements will be made by 6:30 a.m. on the following media outlets:

How do I drop off something my child forgot?

The main entrance door is locked after 9 a.m. for security reasons. All other doors are locked from the outside.

To enter the building after 9 a.m. press the buzzer on the left side of the main entrance door. When dropping off items to your child please deliver them to the office and your child will be called to pick them up.

Who supervises the students during lunch and recess?

Noon attendants supervise lunch breaks and recess.

Are there procedures I must follow in order to volunteer at Franklin?
  • All volunteers must fill out a background check (CORI) form before they are allowed to assist at school.
  • When you are visiting the classrooms, you must check in with the office first and obtain a visitors badge.
Where can I find Franklin’s MCAS scores?

Franklin's MCAS scores can be found on the district web site.