2021-2022 NAHS Schedule Changes
After many years of a successful trimester schedule, NAHS is planning to transition to a schedule that maintains our diverse course offerings while meeting the goals of the North Andover Public Schools Strategic Plan. NAHS has engaged in a process that will include students, faculty, parents and the school committee. NAHS is looking for a structure that includes opportunities for students to experience vocational programming in the community and dual enrollment opportunities while ensuring teachers consistent time with students. Consistent time with students will assist in improving transitions, building relationships and in the continuity of curriculum.

Resources for Families
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We are looking to answer any clarifying questions you may have specific to the proposed new schedule structure. Please review the material above, and submit any questions you might have via this Google Form:
Submit Clarifying Questions on NAHS Proposed New Schedule

Informational Events - Details
  • Tuesday 3/16 at 7:30pm - NAHS will have a presentation and virtual meeting with parents to answer clarifying questions. Link to Google Meet
  • Wednesday 3/17 at 10:10am - During advisory, NAHS will share the video with students on the proposed new schedule. 
  • Thursday 3/18 at 7:00pm - During School Committee Meeting, NAHS will make a slideshow presentation during the first reading on the new schedule structure
  • Monday 3/22 at 7:30pm - During virtual Student Council meeting, NAHS will discuss the new schedule with members of the Student Council and answer any clarifying questions
  • Tuesday 3/23 at 6:30pm - NAHS will have an additional virtual meeting scheduled with parents to answer any additional clarifying questions. Link to Google Meet
  • Thursday 4/1 at 7:00pm - During School Committee Meeting, NAHS will present feedback on the process during the reading on the new schedule structure