Requesting Transcripts in Naviance - Current Seniors

*New*  Requesting a Transcript in Naviance 

30 days before your first deadline, log into Naviance to request to have your transcripts sent and to request teacher recommendations..

Online tutorial for requesting transcripts :

Sign into Naviance

  • Click on Colleges I’m Applying to

  • To add a College  (click pink + button on the right)

  • Fill in the name of the college you are applying to (you must do one at a time)

  • Application Type (Select how you are applying Early Action, Early Decision Regular Decision, Rolling etc.  )

  • Submission Type (What type of application are you using Common App, Coalition App, School Specific App?)  *Do not select I’m not sure

  • Click Add and Request Transcript 

  • What Type of Transcript are you requesting?  Please Choose “Initial”

  • Verify college and click  and Request and Finish 

  • Repeat the above steps for each college you are applying to.