Frequently Asked Questions

What are the NAHS reasons for dismissal or exclusion from school?
  1. Temperature over 100 degrees (oral temperature)
  2. Cough with fever
  3. Suspected infection of eye, ears, nose, throat, skin scalp (unless under physician’s care for 24 hours)
  4. Severe headache or abdominal pain
  5. Suspected communicable disease and/or rash of unknown origin
  6. Suspected fracture or any severe or disabling injury
  7. Questionable need for sutures
  8. Vomiting or diarrhea
  9. Head injury requiring a physician evaluation
  10. Mental health crisis
  11. Immunization delinquencies without exemption documentation
What if my child will be absent for an extended period of time?
If your child has an extended absence due to illness or injury, please contact us. We can help troubleshoot obtaining homework and can answer questions related to attendance.

What if my child needs to take of carry medication at school?
At the High School level, students are encouraged to keep their inhalers, Epipens and diabetic supplies in
their possession at all times. With the school being as large as it is, it just makes sense for the students to
have access to their emergency medication as quickly as possible. Extra medications and supplies can also
kept in the Health Office, but we ask that you provide your child with one to keep with them if they are
athletes or are involved in after school activities. ALL other medications that need to be administered to your
child during the school day must be brought into the Health Office by a parent. Please see Medication Policy.

How long are sports physicals valid?
Under MIAA rules, a student's physical exam is good for 13 months from the date of the exam; i.e. an exam
performed on 9/1/2015 will be valid until 10/1/2016. Students who participate in sports need to have a
valid physical exam on record here in our office that is current through their entire sport season. If your
child's physical exam expires during the sport season, they will be exempt from play until a new physical
exam is provided to us. Please plan accordingly and schedule your child’s exams to avoid any interruption in
your child’s athletic season.