About NAMS

About North Andover Middle School

It is our mission to educate all of our students academically and to address their needs socially and emotionally within a safe comprehensive middle school community.

Mission Statement

We are an educational organization of life long learners involving students, educators, parents and our community. Together we strive to create a welcoming environment that prioritizes academic excellence, creativity and mutual respect. We embrace diversity and encourage positive risk taking and community building. We are persistent in becoming an exemplary high performing comprehensive middle school.

Belief Statements

We value:
  • Students as individuals
  • The intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth of each of our students
  • Student independence, responsibility and ownership for their learning
  • Parent involvement with their children's education
  • Academic excellence as a priority with high expectations set for educators and students
  • Professional development plans for educators directly connected to standards, instructional goals and building philosophy
  • Mutual respect in our school between students, educators, parents and community members
  • Researched best instructional practice and its classroom implementation
Middle school principles including but not limited to:
  • Flexible scheduling, grouping and heterogeneity
  • Enrichment opportunities for all students
  • Smaller learning communities defined by grade level houses and academic teams
  • Common planning time for teams, grade levels and vertical communication opportunities
  • Full, varied exploratory related arts programming
  • Extra curricular programming including intramural's, interest based clubs, and social opportunities
  • Technology integrated into instruction
North Andover Middle School provides a developmental middle school approach to learning. We recognize individual learning styles as we focus on process writing, mathematics using manipulatives, and the inquiry approach in all subjects, including science and social studies. Our classroom environments support critical and creative thinking, cooperative and individual learning with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinary curriculum.

Core Curriculum Programs Integrated into Curriculum

Family and Consumer Science

Language Arts




Social Studies



World Language
Academic Bowl




Special Education

Student Council
You can read more about these programs in the NAMS Parent Handbook.