Grade 8 End-of-Year Information

posted May 18, 2020, 3:27 AM by Jorge Goncalves   [ updated May 21, 2020, 4:52 AM ]

Planning for Grade 8 End-of-Year Events

Prayer for the Class of 2020 | Gifts in Open Hands

NAMS Class of 2020 Yard Signs

We are sad that our 8th graders are not able to finish out the year in school with their classmates and teachers but we still want to be able to celebrate their accomplishments. NAMS PTAC has worked to provide you an opportunity to purchase a lawn sign for your NAMS 8th grader, please complete the online order form here. You will be asked for contact information, including the address that the Yard Sign should be mailed to. If you live outside of North Andover and would like to order a sign, you can have it mailed to North Andover Middle School. The signs are $10 each and we’re hoping to have them delivered to your lawn Memorial Day Weekend. I couldn’t wait to send you this message after the weekend because the deadline to order is this Monday, May 18, 2020.

NAMS Class of 2020 T-Shirts

In lieu of purchasing Field Day T-shirts, we would like to purchase NAMS Class of 2020 t-shirts for all of our students.

We are asking that students draft a logo to appear on the front of the shirt and we can then have a vote to decide what logo students would like printed on their shirts.

Please email me your logo entry by 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, May 21st.

Students will then be able to vote for the NAMS Class of 2020 logo on Friday, May 22nd.

The T-Shirts will either be red or gray and the logo will be printed in one color (black on red or gray shirts, white on red or gray shirts, or red on gray shirts). Based upon what logo is chosen, we will decide what looks best.

We will also need to identify what size T-shirts every one of our grade 8 students would like ordered for them. Students can let us know by completing the google form found here. Only Grade 8 students can complete this survey since the link will only work for students who are logged into their school account.

Our hope is to distribute these T-Shirts as part of the Promotion Ceremony Car Parade if we can make that possible.

Promotion Ceremony & Awards

Once we know what the last day of school is we will be able to identify the date of Grade 8 Promotion Ceremonies. The last day of school is dependent upon whether or not we schedule a vacation before the end of the year.

The Promotion Ceremony will be a recorded video that will be shared with families with opening remarks and messages from administration teachers along with award recognition and honors.

Promotion Certificates will be mailed to students along with any Awards they will receive at the end of the school year.

NAMS Class of 2020 Car Parade

In lieu of Class Night, we are working on scheduling a Car Parade for our NAMS Class of 2020 students. Since they can't drive, we will need the help of parents/guardians to make this plan a reality.

We would like to set up a route for the Car Parade with teachers stationed around the building so that students can be recognized and see their teachers and staff too.

Working with the NAPD, we believe that during the day on Friday, June 12, 2020 will be the best time for this event. Exact times and schedules will be shared with you soon.



The yearbooks have arrived! We have a list of all of the students who ordered them and will be placing a copy of ordered yearbooks into students' bags for pick up the week of May 18th.


Grade 8 Picture

In lieu of a Grade 8 Panoramic Picture, I have contacted Geskus, our school photographer, and confirmed that they can create a collage using every grade 8 students' school picture with the words NAMS Class of 2020 and logo. We will be providing every grade 8 student a free copy of this picture along with their T-Shirt.


Ceiling Tiles

Many of our Grade 8 students were able to complete their ceiling tile project this year while others were not. Each of our grade 8 students who were scheduled to make a ceiling tile Trimester 3 will be receiving a small tile in their bag of personal belongings. Their art teacher this Trimester, Ms. Brown or Ms. Tomkins, will be sharing information regarding the tile project as part of their class. We will be identifying times and locations to drop off the tiles at the end of the year, during the summer, and the start of the following school year. We will then work on mounting all of the tiles in a designated location of our school.