NAMS Culture Quilt

posted Dec 4, 2018, 5:44 AM by Jorge Goncalves

NAMS Culture Quilt

The World of Difference program has started a school wide project that we are calling the "Culture Quilt."  Our students were instrumental in planning this and are excited to roll this out to you all! We are looking for all the participation we can get!

What is a culture quilt?

A culture quilt is a compilation of student illustrations demonstrating their heritages, backgrounds, and culture.  The goal is to showcase all of the amazing diversity that exists here at NAMS.

How Does this Work?  

Each student at NAMS will create their own "quilt square" using a template created by the World of Difference group.  You may find the template and detailed directions here.  Completed qulit squares should be brought to the main office of NAMS or may be placed in the mailboxes of Ms. Duchesneau or Ms. Blaney.  Please have students include their names on their submissions! All quilt squares are due by December 21st.

Where Will the Finished Products Go?

After winter break, World of Difference students, Ms. Duchesneau, Ms. Blaney, and staff volunteers will be working together to put this onto giant rolls of red paper.  The final product will be hung up in the main lobby.


Any students (and teachers!) who submit a quilt square will have their name placed into a drawing for some fantastic prizes!

Thank you in advance for all your hard work and participation!

Best Wishes,

Rebecca Duchesneau, Michaela Blaney, and the World of Difference kids!